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The Women’s Creative Leadership Network was started in 2017 by Jessica R. Dreistadt, founding director of The Fruition Coalition, to connect, educate, and mobilize women around the world to practice the artistry of feminist leadership as we create flourishing organizations and communities.


Our group is for leaders who are practicing, want to practice, or desire deeper knowledge about integrative feminist leadership.

What is integrative feminist leadership? It is the practice of creating new possibilities – both conceptually and materially – while being mindful of how paternalism, racism, ableism, and all other “other”-isms influence and infiltrate relationships between and among people and the organizations and communities that connect them.


Integrative feminist leadership is neither mainstream nor radical feminism, as they are commonly practiced – it is an acknowledgement that feminism can be based on interconnectedness, curiosity, and understanding. Integrative feminist leadership is not only inclusive of multiple perspectives  – it intentionally and lovingly adjoins, weaves, and blends (not necessarily in that order) diverse views and experiences to create something new, something better – something more meaningful and useful.

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Group of Women Leaders
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