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What They're Saying

"The Women's Creative Leadership Network has broadened my outlook. Through the Network, I get access to interesting information and connect with women across the globe."

- Pam R. Executive Director, USA

"Jessica has created space for local and international women leaders, enabling us to share our experiences and learn from one another. She has been instrumental in being creative and innovative for women."

- Justine L, NGO Director, Kenya

"The Network has empowered me to be strong and to be focused in my work. Being part of this team of great women has given me confidence to be and do what I want with my life."

-Gion A., Government Secretary, Papua New Guinea

"Transitioning back into the professional marketplace after raising my kids proved more difficult than I thought it would be. Through the  Network, Jessica helped me develop the skills and forge the connections I needed to get back into the game---and thrive." Julie E., Educator, USA

"The Women’s Creative Leadership Network has given me the opportunity to connect and interact with women around the globe."

-Sarah S. CEO, Pakistan

"I am truly thankful to have met Jessica. Her relentless effort to update us on leadership and management issues been fruitful, inspiring, uplifting, passionate, and purposeful. She inspires and defines a lot of day-to-day experiences that we come across."

-Esther G., Secondary School Administrator, Uganda

"I’ve learned about effective ways to handle conflict and have also felt empowered and inspired."

-Laura A., Insurance Case Manager, USA

"The Women’s Creative Leadership Network has provided opportunities for me to network and to make new friends in and out of Liberia."

-Joanna B., Executive Director, Liberia

"Because of the network, I have confidence and am empowered to fully support my family and friends. It has helped me to build my career as I learn."

-Nayor T., Community Development Officer, Germany

"With support from the Network, I have been able to perform all of my duties with confidence. I’m knowledgeable in a variety of issues influencing women’s leadership."

Dr. Mary K., Lecturer, Kenya

"The Women's Creative Leadership Network has given me and other women courage for life's journey."

-Ruth J., Nurse, Liberia

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